April 13 - April 25, 2024

Morocco is one of the most beautiful and undiscovered places in the world. The scenery, the light, the food, the people, and the architecture, all blend into an experience that you will not have in any other place. It is simply unforgettable.

  • Visit the blue city of Chefchaouen, famous for not only its blue houses but its handwoven cottons.
  • If rugs are your passion, you will see designs and workmanship that go back hundreds of years and not found in the U.S.
  • Visit the walled city of Fes where you will see a leather production facility which takes the process of tanning hides, right up to the finished product of beautifully styled coats, jackets and purses.
  • Enjoy a unique shopping experience in the walled city of Fes where you will visit the souks in the medina to find spices, unique accessories, and clothing along with antique shops where you will see fine workmanship and one of a kind items.
  • French influence is everywhere in design, food and culture. Yves St. Laurent had a home in Marrakesh for years. You will visit his gardens and newly opened museum and gift shop.
  • Stay in luxurious riads, formerly the mansions of wealthy Moroccans. The architecture and interiors are simply stunning.
  • Camel rides in the Marrakech Palmeraie
  • End the trip in Casablanca with its riveting buildings and diverse arts scene.

What was said about our past trip

Many books have been written about traveling with others (family, friends, pets, etc.). But traveling with Sandra and sewing friends to Morocco was a memorably fun and exotic adventure. Our accommodations were beautiful and very different from one city to the next. Leila, our savvy, experienced guide was a wonderful storyteller who shaped our expectations as we approached each historical site, shopping opportunity and meal. There was fun and laughter, new friendships formed and indelible images of beautiful Morocco from ancient cities and souks, the Yves St. Laurent Museum (great shopping too!) and the luxurious ocean-side resort in Oualidia. Of course, one of the highlights was spending time with Sandra. We had time for stories and sewing talk, discussions on the clothing each of us made and how to master alterations, and how to transform our beautiful Moroccan blankets into fabulous coats. And more laughter. And a bit of wine. I’d do it all again!

— Lyn Marsteller, Ohio

If you are looking for the exotic and the timeless-go to Morocco! This
fabulous small country is a treasure trove of beauty and adventure. From the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech this country‘s topography, natural beauty, history and artisanal bounty thrills even the most jaded among us. And, even more importantly, the shopping is fantastic!!

— Mary Taylor,  Massachusetts

Our trip to Morocco was a long dream of mine and to say it was worth the wait is an understatement. We are so glad that we did it with Sandra and Dan because they made sure it was 1st class, safe and awe-inspiring. Morocco is such a beautiful place with such friendly people. An old man stopped us on the street and said as best he could in English ‘thank you for coming to my country’. It was our pleasure to see this wonderfully diverse and peaceful place on earth from so many viewpoints. The night in the desert is not to be missed! Go! - you will not be disappointed!

— Debby O'Brien, Canada

One of the best and most comprehensive trips I have ever taken or even heard about. We experienced all of beautiful Morocco. Our guide and driver were fantastic, taking us to many out of the way places. We rode in a van and could manipulate narrow alleys and country roads. One of the best was preparing and sharing a meal with a Moroccan family in the countryside (extended family of grandparents, parents and children). Complete with yard chickens, bread cooked in an outside adobe oven, chicken and vegetables cooked in a tagine. We (12 of us) got along famously. Many loaned me clothes when my luggage was delayed four days. All of our meals and accommodations were exquisite. Much better than I am used to having at home!

— Janet Adamek, Texas

The most sensual experience ever… It began with the yearning for travel and anticipation of the trip, postponed many times because of Covid (Ravel’s Bolero playing in the brain), then the journey… filled with amazing people and welcoming Moroccans…. The TOUCH of LOVE! ….. the food….. flavors to excite the palette….. TASTE! Aromas of the herbs, and oils at the herb apothecaries… SMELL! The majestic sights of the cities (and luxurious Riads)…SIGHT! (Crescendo of
the music). And then sound…. The sound of the calling
to prayer, and the snake charmers in the squares…. HEARING! I would
return there in a heartbeat! Our guide and Najla, the company manager,
could not have been more gracious and accommodating. (Now hearing
Desert Rose by Sting)

— Dianne and Mark Bernasconi, Massachusetts

The scenery, the light, the food, the people, and the architecture, all blend into an experience that you will not have in any other place.


April 13-April 25, 2024


12 nights
Private $10,600 USD
Shared $7,800 USD
Trip fees will be collected in 3 equal installments. $1950 portion of trip is non-refundable. 1st payment is required to be registered. 

The package rate includes:

All accommodations
All breakfasts

airport pick-up in Casablanca and transfer to Rabat hotel on April 13, 2024
English speaking guide and escort
A/C motor coach

dinner in Fes on April 16th
lunch in Fes on April 17th

lunch & 2 dinners in Marrakech on April 20th, 21st & 23rd
entry fees to monuments
camel ride

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Stay in luxurious riads, formerly the mansions of wealthy Moroccans.


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